Club’s office

Masaryk dormitory, 5.floor, R504. In case the reason for your visit is something else than registration to the dorm club, please, consider sending an email to appropriate person or group.

Extra office hours (enrollment period only) will be announced on Facebook

Contact us via e-mail outside enrollment period:

Network admins


Club Board

The Club Board of the Student Club Masarka ensures smooth operation of the club. The club members elect the Club Board in regular elections.


Chairman Oleg Ostashchuk

Delivery address

CTU Student Union, Student Club Masarka
Thákurova 550/1
160 00 Praha 6

Invoice address

CTU Student Union, Student Club Masarka
Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3
160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice
IČ: 67981224
DIČ: CZ67981224
Bank account: 999 110 30 / 2010 (Fio Bank Prague)